Where do I Keep my Documents?

posted Oct 31, 2013, 1:43 PM by Ayo Labode
I am asked this question on a regular basis when I give clients their estate planning documents.  My first suggestion is to place the original document in a safety deposit box.  Keep a copy of all of the documents in a private, yet easily accessible place such as a locked filling cabinet; keep a scanned version as an e-mail attachment; and of course give a copy to your medical and financial agents, physicians and trusted family members. 

On a regular basis clients tell me that they do not own a safety deposit box because they are "too expensive."  Most prefer to have a lock box or small safe.  I remembered those comments as I watched the terrible flooding that destroyed many, many homes.  The rushing waters carried priceless items and too many lives down the canyons. 

In the weeks following the floods at least one client told me that I had convinced her that it was penny wise and pound foolish to keep documents in a home lock box.  She now has a safety deposit box for an annual fee of $45.00.  That is a small price for piece of mind.